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Triumph TR3 optional radio

Smiths Radiomobile

Triumph TR3 radio

Radios were a dealer installed option.  Most of the time the dealer followed the manufacturer's installation instructions, occasionally they put things where the buyer/owner wanted it.

The installation instructions specify a standard aerial mounting  location.  Sometimes the buy/owner specifies a different installation location.

Triumph TR3 arial mounting location

A few years back someone was nice enough to send me an Acrobat pdf file that includes a number of Smiths Radiomobile instruction and installation manuals. (WARNING: This is a 12 Meg PDF file, It will take a lot of time to download)   A dimensioned drawing for the radio mounting consul is included in this file.  Some of the material is owned by the person who sent the pdf file to me (Sorry I forgot who it was) and part comes from the July 1988 Triumph National Newsletter.

Document contents:

  • Smiths Radiomobile Owners manual ETM50 (Aug. 1959)
  • Installation Instructions F/ST11(Feb. 1959)
  • Supplement Installation Instructions F/ST11/S (April 1959) for post-TS60000 Triumph TR3A.
  • Installation instructions F/GI-05 (Oct. 1962)
  • Dimensioned drawing of radio/speaker mounts.
  • Mounting instructions F/CI-05  (July 1961)

A couple pictures of a version that used a PYE radio and slightly different mounting:

Triumph TR3 radio front view

Triumph TR3A radio front oblique view
Notice mounting is by sheet metal screws through angled lower counsel side flange

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