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Gallery Triumph details

These are detail pictures of Triumph parts or subassemblies that I think are interesting and that people don't often see.



 Triumph TR3 windscreen washer knob

The optional Triumph windscreen washer pump. While very rare on the TR3 & 3A they seem to have been standard equipment on the TR3B.

Triumph TR3 washer pump


Triumph TR2 washer pump
This is a foot operated windscreen washer pump from a very early TR2.


Triumph TR2 tail light
Tail light on a very early Triumph TR2


Triumph TR3 radio

The optional Triumph TR3 radio

Triumph TR3 radio side view


Triumph TR3 turn signal
Transitional Triumph TR3 turn signal.  They were bolted on before the rear valence was retooled.


Triumph brake area

The brake and wiper area with correct finish.  A lot of people seem confused about wiper motor finish.






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