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Club sites

Individual sites

Commercial sites

Miscellaneous sites

Triumph club sites

British Columbia Triumph Registry
Cape Town branch of the Triumph Sports Car Club of South Africa
Looks to be a very active club! "Lions and Triumphs! Oh my!"
Central Pennsylvania Triumph Club
Club Triumph
UK based club for all Triumphs
New Jersey Triumph Association
Panhandle British Car Association
Located in Pensacola Florida -- Oh THAT panhandle!
Portland Triumph Owners Association
Located in Oregon
Rocky Mountain Triumph Club
High on Triumphs
Scions of Lucas
Scions of Lucas (SOL) is the original British car Internet mail list, founded in 1986. It is the parent from which all the marque mail lists came. This site supports it all
The Triumph homepage
The Triumph child of SOL
TR Register Australia
The Register is dedicated to the preservation of "side-screen" TR's including TR2, TR3, TR3A, TR3B
Triumph Registry of America
U.S. National club for TR2 through 4A. Excellent TR2-3B concourse guide. The best source of figuring out what parts are original for what commission number. Their events tend to be held East of the Mississippi.
Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club
Oldest Triumph club in the US. Located in the San Francisco bay area
Tyee Triumph Club
Founded in 1964, making it the oldest Triumph club in the Pacific North West. Located in Washington
The Vintage Triumph Register
The US National Triumph club
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Individual Triumph sites

Uncle Jacks engine reuilding tips
Engine rebuilding tips from a long time TR4 racer, mechanic & all around good guy
Lee Janssen's TR6 site
How to turbocharge a TR6, Toyota 4 pot disk brake conversion
Tony Rhodes site
Excellent source for speedometer repair and charging system maintenance Well worth bookmarking
Barry Shefner's TR2 - TR4 site
Copies of relevant threads from the Triumph mail list, pictures of Barry's restoration project, links to wired owners and more
Malcom Walker's TR4 site
Watch his progress rebuilding his TR4
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Triumph commercial sites

Apple Hydraulics
Rebuilt shocks, carbs & brake parts
APT Instruments Inc.  (US)
New Smiths gauges or your old gauge rebuilt
Auto Sparks  (UK)
Wiring harnesses & parts.
British Frame and Engine
Parts to go faster, parts to make your engine more reliable,  There's a lot of their parts on my TR3!
British Tool Company
Tools, for the shop and tool roll. British fasteners too
British Wiring  (US)
Complete wiring harnesses for your Land Rover, wire by the meter, connectors and the proper crimp tools
car Tech books and manuals
technical books useful for engine builders and tuners. For better reliability and performance
Cambridge Motorsport
Parts for race or fast street engines, fiberglass tops
Dimebank Garage
Some Triumph parts from a VIP Triumph Internet celebrity
Gasket Works
Source for nonstandard copper head gaskets
J.M. Wagner Sales Ltd.
US based company that carries a special rubber gasket for stock TR2 - 4A valve covers that actually seals.
John Skinner Ltd.
Upholstry, including foam and seat springs, TR2-6
On board fire extinguisher systems
Metric Multistandard Components Corp.
They carry British standard fasteners & tools
Moss Motors
Mail order parts company
Rebuild Smiths gauges, new Smith gauges, bezels, O rings & sender units.  These are the folks who rebuilt my TR3's gauges and made them like new again
Overdrive repair services (Sheffield)
Rebuilt ODs on an exchange bases from ex-factory employess using exfactory tooling
Rebuilt gearboxes and overdrives.  Very high quality rebuild and conversion parts, 5 speed gearbox conversion for TRs.
Racing equipment for your TR
New Triumph frames
Revington TR
Mail order special TR parts such as reproduction factory TR4 rally car special bits, TR3 hard top rear windows & more
Side Curtain & soft top stoage bags
Vinyl bags for side curtins, for soft tops or tonneau cover, and tools
TR Enterprises
Racing equipment for your TR
The Roadster Factory
Mail order parts company
TR-Classic Gmbh
German based Triumph repair and spare parts company Source for polyurethane suspension bushings
TSI Automotive
This is the company that supplies much of the Triumph and MG race equipment to Moss, The Roadster Factory and Victoria British. They are a US based mail order company for race equipment, new parts, used parts and used cars. Specializes in Triumphs & MGs
Triumph Rescue
TR3 & 4 radio panels, alternator conversions and more.  Also restores Triumphs (located in PA)
TWM Induction (Now Borla Induction)
Manifolds/FI conversions

It i getting harder to find new 165SR15 tyres. This is a list of places that sell them. sells Vredestein 165R15

Lucas Classic tires Sells Verdestein 165HR15

Coker tire Sells Verdestein 165HR15

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Miscellaneous sites

Looking for a good oil for flat tappet engines? Something with enough zinch and phosperous to keep our cams intact? Try Valvoline VH1 racing oil
U.S. based British model car & accessories store. TOYS TOYS TOYS!
Works Spitfires
Site includes info needed to create the works spitfire bonnet side grill
U.S. Government, NHTSA
Regulations governing importing cars to the U.S.
Formulas related to engine rebuilding, common auto unit conversions & more
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