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Adjusting valves on a Triumph


If you have anything but a stock camshaft in the engine, the "rule of nines" doesn't necessarily work. Try it some time. Set a valve using that rule, and then rotate the engine another 90 deg or so and check the valve clearance again. You will find that it is several thousandths wide.

I have tried this on three cams - Isky, BFE, and Solow.

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I believe that the correct proceedure is to set the intake as the exhaust starts to open and the exhaust as the intake is almost closed. with mild unreground cams you can be pretty informal with the "almost". find a buddy with a twin cam alfa and pull the cam cover. spin the motor and observe. playing around w/ regrinds and a degree wheel has convinced me that the base circle on these cams often occupies only a few degree of rotation. I've seen some amazingly long ramps - friend's TR6 regrind comes to mind. Anyway, you need to be very precise when adjusting regrinds as an error will cause you to have too much lash and that is a BAD thing for your valve train.

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