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TR2-4A push rod tube leaks


> Speaking of oil leaks, my TR3 weeps around the push rod tubes. Any easy way of fixing that or do I live with it?

Anwer from Jack Drews

I know of several ways. Each has variable success.

1. Use JB Weld. Put a thin fillet of it around joint under spark plug. Must remove paint first.

2. Do same around of top, inside valve cover. I don't like this because sometimes it will come loose and get into engine.

3. Use Loctite green - it is the kind that wicks into a joint. You must have all oil off the surfaces,, which means liberal application of lacquer thinner and compressed air to the joint inside the valve cover and under the spark plugs. Then just apply a little of this stuff to the joint. Works if the head is totally clean - may or may not work otherwise, depending on how clean you can get the joint.

4. I've had my machine shop make up a swaging tool that we use after any head milling. Basically it is two cones, top and bottom, pressed lightly by a press. Head must be off of course.

   uncle jack

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