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Sorting out TR3 through 4A front Calipers

There are 3 types of brake caliper for the TR3 through TR4A

Type 1 is the alloy caliper which ran on the TR3 from TS 13046 up to about TS 56000 depending on whether it was a wire or steel wheel car (TS 56376 and TS 56383 if you want to be clever about it!). This is the one with the external linkage pipe between the two halves.

Type 2 was a cast steel caliper which was also used on the late TR3A, early TR4's (so TS 56377 / TS56 384, thru the TSF series TR3B's and to CT 4387TR3 This is what people refer to as the 'long' caliper. Pads are the same as Type 1.

Types 1 and 2 Pads are the same, but the springs & retainers are different.  They appear equally difficult to repair as the placement of the cylinder and dust seals is very fiddly. It does take some finesse to keep the piston from tilting as you slide it into the bore. If it starts to tilt, you must immediately apply pressure only to the opposite side to straighten it out, or else you'll have to remove it again. Generous lubrication with silicone brake fluid or brake grease helps too. I use the edge of a cut alloy tube to place these when I have to - otherwise I just buy exchange units if they are available. The only part not readily available is the cross-over tube on the "type 1" calipers ... but they are relatively easy to fabricate.

Type 3 is the later type which was used on the later TR4, TR4a etc, through to the early TR6 I believe and is the best of the bunch. These seem a lot easier to do at home, even though you need to be very careful of torquing the inner and outer bolts to their different settings. Again I'm now getting these reconditioned as a lump very cheaply.

You can also use a single pot Jaguar caliper (nearly fits), a twin pot Austin Rover caliper (fits like a dream) - both using standard solid discs or some jap stuff if you are that way inclined, plus of course all the go faster alloy things, with vented discs etc. etc. Ive used both the Jag and the AR twin pot (nearly period - 1971 for these) with good results and parts are commonly available - get in touch if you want to know more. the alloy stuff is good but largely illegal for most motorsport here unless brakes are totally free - I have next to no experience here consequently but im sure there are others who have.


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