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Remounting the rear brake cylinders on a Triumph TR3

>I am having trouble getting the  mounting clips onto the back of my Triumph TR3 Girling wheel cylinder. I do not recall how they fit.
> I would appreciate any help from someone who has this mastered .

The diagrams in many if not all of the books are wrong! But the written directions in the factory manual work fine and result in correct assembly. Briefly, put the cylinder in place, then install the smallest clip first with the opening away from the handbrake lever, and the bent tabs away from the backing plate. Then put the larger clip with the bent tabs in place between the smaller tab and the backing plate, also with the opening away from the lever and the tabs away from the backing plate. Now slip the handbrake lever into position. Now tap the third clip into place between the first two, working from the other side (open end towards the handbrake lever). The tabs in the second clip should engage the notches in the third clip to lock them together.

-- Randall


Glen Owens has a web page with pictures


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