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Valve Springs

We are assembling a cylinder head for a customer with a TR-4 engined Morgan +4. We had to replace the valve springs. The new springs which we got from Moss Motors only give 60# of pressure with valves on the seat at the correct installed height. If you don't have 80 to 85# on the seat, I know from experience that the exhaust valves will burn in about 12,000 miles. TRF is out of stock. I don't know about Victoria British, I suppose we will try them next. Racing springs are 50% stronger and will work, but I feel that they will accelerated wear because of the added loading. Every time we complain to Moss their reaction is always that "we don't get complaints from anyone but you" or people don't drive their cars enough miles for it to make any difference" The only way we are going to start getting consistently go quality parts is to complain loud, clear and often, whenever it is warranted.

Regards, Greg Solow
The Engine Room
Santa Cruz, Ca.

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