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Triumph TR3 FAQ page

Aftermarket Triumph TR2 through TR4A timing chain and tensioner failures

>  I don't know that I would say that the TR3/4 tensioners are no trouble. I have had a few break on me, but the failures have not caused
>   anything catastophic, yet. When I pulled the pan for my winter rebuild this year there were shreds of steel in the pan. Sure enough
>   a piece of the tensioner had broken and got shredded in the timing gears. I would really like a new timing chain tensioing system for
>   the TR3/4 engines as well.
>   Joe(B)

For the tensioners to last, the edges of the timing chain links must be smooth, so the chain does not act like a chain saw on the tensioner blade.  The original factory tensioners were all "hardchrome" plated to resist wear.  In the past, in addition to having tensioners hardchromed when they are not available that way, we have also polished the outside edges of the t/chain links smooth using a die grinder and cartridge rolls. The problem is then getting all of the griinding debris out of the chain links and pins. The chain needs to be very thoughly cleaned after the grinding operation. For the TR-4 engines, we now have chains in stock that have machined edges to the links that are smooth enough to use as is. I still think that the tensioner blade should be hard chromed.

Greg Solow
Greg Solo's Engine Room
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