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A home made light weight scatter shield

My clutch blew apart at Watkins Glen last weekend, throwing a pea-sized piece of steel through the trans case at ankle height on what is usually the driver's side of the car(my car is RHD). I had just installed a scattershield made from an old police vest and there was no harm done.

Steel shields are fine, but heavy. If you able to locate a surplus military flak vest or expired police vest, you can easily make a good shield. Police vests have expiration dates and are sold cheaply after they expire. They are still effective for our use. The material is ballistic cloth made of Kevlar. It is soft and easily cut with a razor knife. 1/2" thickness is all you need.

The material must be completely wrapped in plastic. It must be protected from oil and other contaminents or it will break down. Hold the pieces together with duct tape until you get a good fit. I wrapped mine in plastic and then glued it to the tunnel with contact cement. I then covered the whole thing with vinyl and sprayed it black to match the tunnel. When finished, it is barely visible. Weight 2 lbs.


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