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Some history of the TR3/4 cast aluminum oil pan

I have an old cast aluminum oil sump with part # 301318 cast into the bottom flange.  At one time I thought someone told me that it was an original Triumph produced go fast part. This particular sump came from a TR3 that was last raced in the early to mid 70s.

  Thanks, Brad

Yes.  Back in the 50's the aluminum cast oil pan was an important piece .  In those days we were not allowed an oil cooler and the pan had more capacity (8 qts) and it also did a little cooling, but it also strengthened the block.  The casting is thick and helped stabilize the Tr-3 block.  A valuable part in days gone by. I admit I did grind the bottom of the pan on the track in races but always used it for the cooling of the oil benefit (more due to increased capacity than anything else)

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