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My Triumph specifications

TR3A commission number TS75519L was built in May of 1960 and was sold in the United States as a 1961 model.

  • Factory colour: signal red.
  • Factory interior: black with white piping, leather seats, rear seat cushion. White soft top and side curtains.
  • Factory options: Steel wheels, heater

Changes from stock (1998 rebuild/restoration):

The Rebuild goal was to create a like new period street/autocross car. This means that the car was rebuilt as close as possible to concourse specifications EXCEPT where a new owner, in 1960, might have dressed the car up and prepped it for daily commuting and weekend racing. Except for the wood Motoleta steering wheel and the addition of Simpson racing seat belts, every effort has been made to rebuild the exterior and interior into new stock condition. The engine bay was kept as stock as possible except for race modifications and where an owner might have "spruced" it up when new. Except for the ITG air filter I tried to have period parts inside the engine bay.

Changes in options: 60 spoke chrome wire wheels, overdrive, windscreen washer, adjustable steering column, factory hard top

Hydraulic systems: Unpainted polished stainless steel tubing replaced rusted factory steel tubing. Factory tubing routing used. DOT5 fluid used.

Exhaust system: Chromed 4 tube exhaust header with ceramic coated interior. Resonator replaced by straight pipe for a TR2 exhaust configuration.

Suspension: Factory optional competition coil springs, Poly bushings in place of rubber, Spax adjustable shock absorbers, Addco front anti-sway bar, rear shocks rebuilt with heavy duty valves.

Transmission: TR4 all syncro overdrive unit with TR3 shift lever

Differential: Salisbury type limited slip and large capacity magnesium back cover

Engine: Rebuilt at Greg Solow's Engine Room in Santa Cruz Ca.

Head: Late TR4A head with 0.060" removed from the bottom surface, shrouding removed from combustion chamber around spark plugs. Valve pockets enlarged and polished. Hardened valve seats installed inside out to create a venturi shaped opening. Oversize intake valves. Ports polished and matched.

Pistons & liners: 87 mm. "Eyelashes" cut into top edge of liners below where the shroud was removed around the plug area.

Crank: Cross drilled and nitrided. Harmonic dampener added.

Cam & valve train: 280 degree Babe Ericson cam (Cam peaks at 6000 RPM with wide power peak), 56 or harder tappets, shortened push rods, lightened rocker arms with matched weight, special springs and retainers. Springs between rocker arms replaced by copper tube spacers. Special rocker shaft pedestals that support the ends of the shafts.

My Triumph rocker arm details

Intake: Twin DCOE 45 carburetors on polished TWM intake manifolds. Short air horns. ITC air filter.

My Triumph carbs

Ignition: stock distributor with recurved mechanical advance. Lucas sports coil.

Exterior: Wilco finned cast aluminum valve cover with Moon breather, optional finned aluminum oil sump with extended oil pick up, external oil cooler, narrow fan belt & pulleys, electric fan, polished thermostat housing

Interior: Balanced drive train, many new hardened fasteners ( a lot of ARP fasteners), oil passages cleaned up, oil pump reworked with new gears.

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