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QUESTION - How do you double clutch a TR3 non-syncro first gear transmission?

ANSWER - You only need to double clutch when going from second gear to first gear while the car is moving. Do not shift from higher gears down to first or into reverse gear while the car is moving.

  • Press down on the clutch pedal while taking the other foot off the accelerator pedal.
  • Move the gear box into neutral
  • Release the clutch pedal
  • Rev the engine briefly
  • Press the clutch pedal down a second time.
  • Move the lever into first gear and release the clutch pedal.
  • Resume pressure on the accelerator pedal.

The object of double clutching is to match the speeds of the various shafts, gears and splines before engaging the next ratio.

On downshifts the engine is revved to speed up the input components to match the speed of the output components.

Experience teaches how high to rev the engine when performing down shifts into non-syncro gears.

The synchromesh mechanism achieves this speed matching by "dragging" the components to a matching speed with the synchronizer rings.

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