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I currently own a signal red 1961 Triumph TR3A. I purchased her in 1986 when I decided that life was too short not to drive a real sports car. Unfortunately, the new white paint hid severe rust problems. The drive train, steering and suspension were very badly worn. So in early 1989 I took my TR3 off the road and completely rebuilt the car, bringing her back to her factory original colour. That's a job I hope never to repeat again!

During the years that I have maintained and traveled in her I have learned and experienced a number of things I would like to share.  There is lots of good stuff here, but you will find that my primary focus is on the Triumph TR3A.

In addition to my TR3, I own a 1960 Land Rover Dormobile and have a Land Rover web site which is focused on old Land Rovers along with trips I have taken.

And of course I have a personal web site that tells a little bit about me and my dog.


New web page (January 2020) - Lucas 576 series auxillary lights

Drawing by Medcalf
Drawing by Medcalf
Triumph contents

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Triumphest 2012 decal

TeriAnn's Triumph TR3A
My TR3 at Triumphest 2012

Triumhest Funcorse Gold Award

Triumph TR3 at Triumphest 2012
After the Funcourse we got enough TR3's together to go across the entrance way for a group picture.  There were a lot more TR3's at Triumphest 2012

Aout my Triumph


Known history
The story of a girl and her Triumph, or What have I got myself into
My TR3A restoration project
The trials of doing my first car restoration, or never again!
Specifications and special features of my 1961 TR3A
Picture of my Triumph TR3A My TR3A

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Triumph articles

Weber DCOE carburetors
What I have been able to find out about selecting and setting up DCOE carburetors on the TR2 through 4A engine.
Installing a TR4 OD gearbox into a TR2-3A
An easy installation for full syncro
Hood sticks (soft top bows)
strap lengths for proper location and finishes
Tools that came in TR2 - 3B tool rolls
Bulkhead hole identification
For post TS60000 left hand drive TR3As
Demystifying Distributors
How I set my points and timing
Positive to negative earth conversion
How I converted my TR3 from positive to negative earth
Lucas wire colour code
List of the wire colour code used in the TR3. Includes code for common add-on accessories
American equivalents to British spec fuses
Never replace a British spec fuse with an American spec fuse with the same rating
Common rust locations
Where rust hides in a TR3
Bodywork lessons that I have learned
keeping the restoration project going
How skirted thermostats work
Why they are important, alternatives to the hard to find TR skirtless thermostat
Converting to Halogen headlamps
What you need to do for a successful conversion
Lucas 576 series auxiliary lights
About the 5-3/4 inch round Lucas fog and driving lamps
TR3 optional radio information
Smiths Radiomobile owners manuals, installation manuals, mounting bracket dimensioned diagram, aerial mounting location drawing and pictures.
Repairing Jaeger & Smiths Speedometers (PDF file)
A 1 Meg Acrobat PDF file written by Anthony Rhodes (1999)

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Triumph articles

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)
Some answers too. The TR2 through TR4A cylinder head ID  information is in this section.
Net nuggets
Extracted and saved from Internet mail list postings.  Q&As, history snippets, hard to find or undocumented technical information and things I just find interesting.
Triumph Service Bulletins (bulletins are in pdf format)
Covers 1954 through 1965.  Service bulletins are how the factory communicated with factory authorized service providers.  This includes production changes and a lot of technical how-to information that never made it into workshop manuals.
Spanner gap chart
how to tell which wrench to use on that mystery bolt
Triumph detail pictures
Detail pictures of uncommon TR2 - 3B assemblies such as the windscreen washer knob and optional TR3 radio
TR2 through TR3B concourse judging guide (640KB pdf file)
Triumph Register of America created this judging guide for concourse judges.  It is THE reference for people restoring their Triumph TR2 through TR3B. Created and copyrighted by TRA, in 2004 they voted to make the guide freely available to all.  If you own a side curtain Triumph an can join only one club I recommend the  Triumph Register of America.

Triumph TR3A and me
2006 marked 20 years I've owned my TR3A

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